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Sachin Tendulkar and bus no 315- A story that inspires


CRICDOT DESK : Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest Indian legends in the history of cricket. He has conquered everything possible before retiring. He is the only cricketer to score 100 international centuries. He is also the highest run scorer in international cricket.

However, the story behind Sachin’s arrival in cricket was not easy at all. Like everyone else, he has made many sacrifices. This time the cricket legend shared a story of accepting that sacrifice in his Instagram post. The story is also an inspiration.

Sachin shared a video on Instagram. It shows him standing in front of a bus, bus no. 315. Sachin has reminisced about his childhood involved with the bus. He used to ride this bus to practice.

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“After many years, I saw bus number 315,” he said. It used to run between Bandra and Shivaji Park. I used to travel in this bus. Arriving at Shivaji Park every day, I was very excited to start practicing. I used to get tired after practice. Then I hoped that my favorite seat, the last seat by the window, would be empty. I wish I could sit in that seat and enjoy the ride with the cool breeze outside. ‘

‘There were many days when I would fall asleep and miss the bus stop. It was a lot of fun, “he said.

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