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How Much Do Tickets Cost On T20 World Cup Stadium Per Sites?

Tickets cost Rs 20  lakh per T20 World Cup!
The host country of the World Cup, the United Arab Emirates and the ICC have arranged a total of two special suites for the event. Of these, 20 seats are VIP and 10 seats are corporate suites.
Tickets for the VIP suite are priced in Bangladeshi currency at around Tk 3 crore 8 lakh. In this case, the price of each seat will be around 19 lakh 30 thousand rupees. In that case, the spectators will have to spend around 1 lakh 46 thousand rupees for each match.


On the other hand, the ticket price of the corporate suite is in Bangladeshi currency which is about 1 crore 70 lakh rupees. Even if you buy this ticket, you can watch 13 matches. In that case, the spectators will have to spend about 1 lakh 23 thousand rupees per match.


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