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BCCI fines Rohit Sharma in first match for Mumbai


CRICDOT DESK : Delhi Capitals did not get Mustafizur Rahman in the first match due to quarantine. However, without the Bangladeshi fast bowler, Rishabh Pant’s team has made a good start in the 15th edition of IPL.

In the first match of the day in Mumbai on Sunday, Rohit Sharma lost to Mumbai Indians by four wickets. And the bad news has made the taste of this rate even more bitter. Mumbai captain Rohit Sharma has to pay a fine of Rs 12 lakh for the loss. Due to the ‘slow over rate’, the sword of punishment has fallen on Rohit.

In an official statement, IPL authorities said Mumbai were penalized for the slow over rate during the match between Tata Capital’s Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians at the Brabourne Stadium on March 26. As this is Mumbai’s first offense, only team captain Rohit Sharma has been fined Rs 12 lakh.

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Of course, Rohit can find relief even in such a punishment. He was fined Rs 12 lakh for the first mistake. If you make such a mistake for the second or third time, the amount of fine can be doubled. At present he is getting over with 12 lakhs.

According to IPL rules, an average of 14.11 overs per hour has to be completed. Mumbai took a lot of his time in the match against Delhi.

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