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You Do Not Need To Be Captain To Be “Leader” : Virat Kohli

Rohit is a tactically sound captain and will have my support: Virat Kohli


CRICDOT DESK : India batter Virat Kohli has said that one does not need to be a captain of a team to play the role of a “leader”. Earlier this month, Kohli stood down as India`s Test skipper a day after the country suffered a 12 series defeat against South Africa in the three match series. Last year, the 33yearold had also stepped down as T20I captain and then he was removed as the ODI leader after the selectors wanted one leader for white ball formats.

“See, I think firstly you need to have a complete understanding of what you set out to achieve and whether you have achieved those targets or not. Everything has a tenure and time period, so you have to be aware of it. As a batter, you may add something to your team, so I’m proud of it, “Kori said in an episode of a fireside chat with VK.

“You don’t have to be a captain to be a leader. He wasn’t not the leader when MS Dhoni was on the team, but he was still the guy we were looking for. Win It’s not in your hands whether you can win or not. Getting better every day for excellence is not something you can do in the short term. If it’s about culture, it’s your years of play and yours. It will continue beyond responsibility, “he added.

Further speaking of his view, Kori said: “Furthermore, moving forward to understand the right timing for this is also part of the leadership. I think we have to take on different roles and opportunities. After playing under MS Dhoni for a while, I think Being a captain. My thinking has always been the same. When I was a player on the team, I always thought I was a captain. Under the captain. Away from

Kori’s India won 16 out of 36 games, achieving an impressive 44.44 win rate. This is the best captain of an Indian or Asian team in at least 10 games.

“I think it’s very important to know what you think about yourself. Ultimately, when you take more responsibility, you know that you can have a different vision. , You have to be loyal to yourself I know my game isn’t where it should be, “said Kohli.

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“Communication is the most important. I can’t disturb anyone who says I don’t need your point of view. I can say in honor that I’m in a good place. I need to ask for help. If so, we will reply to you. That balance worked for me, “he added. Regarding the team culture within

Team India, Kohli said: .. When I became captain, my focus was on cultural change. “We knew we weren’t lacking in skills, so we thought about maximizing our talent potential. I didn’t want to narrow my vision. I wanted to expand it. If so, we need culture. Culture requires hard work every day. It is a constant process, culture is more important than strategy. As a captain, I was more focused on trying to bring in a culture of we are capable of winning from anywhere,” he added.

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