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Yasir Shah proved innocent in rape case of minor girl


CRICDOT DESK : Pakistani cricket player Yasir Shah was filed with the first Information Report (FIR) on suspicion of rape and sexual abuse of a minor girl, but it was discovered that his name was mistakenly added. , Was innocent.

A FIR submitted by the victim’s aunt at the Islamabad Police Station in Shalimar in December 2020 against Shah and his friend Farhan under Sections 292B and 292C (Child Pornography) and 376 (Rape Penalty). Was registered. Of Pakistan criminal law.

However, Islamabad police confirmed that Shah’s name was accidentally added and removed from the report. “Yasir Shah has nothing to do with the rape case,” police said.

“Victims admitted that Yasir Shah’s name was included in the FIR due to incorrect information,” said a supplementary report from the relevant police station. The incident is reported to date back to August 2020. Applicants alleged that Farhan raped a minor girl with a gun, filmed the entire case, threatened to release the footage, and Yasir also supported the crime.

“When I talked to Yasir via WhatsApp and told him about the incident, he made fun of me and said he liked underage girls,” he insisted on the FIR.

“Yasir Shah said he was a very influential person and knew senior officials […] Yasir Shah and Farhan made a video and raped a minor girl,” she said. Insisted.

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FIR also accused Yasir of threatening and intimidating the victim and his aunt when he tried to contact police and other authorities. The applicant also claimed that when he tried to contact the police about the case, he “proposed me to buy an apartment and pay my expenses for the next 18 years.”

Shah has not publicly commented on this issue since his name appeared. ” ” We have identified several allegations against one of the players in the central contract. “

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