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Winning in South Africa is not impossible but challenging : Tamim


CRICDOT DESK : Bangladesh has not won a single match on South African soil so far. However, in the last ODI World Cup, South Africa lost to the Tigers. Inspired by this victory, captain Tamim Iqbal wants to jump into the ODI series starting from Friday. He is reluctant to call the series difficult, but has certainly acknowledged it as challenging.

“We don’t have much experience playing ODI cricket here,” said Tamim Iqbal at a pre-match virtual press conference today. But I can say that there will be a challenge for us. It’s a field… if you look at the statistics, it’s a very high scoring ground where a lot of runs are scored. The shape of the field and the outfield are big factors. But no matter how many statistics we see, we have to play good cricket on the field. ‘

Informing about the strength of the opposition, Tamim said, “There is no doubt that they will attack us. We have to take care of that thing well. We have played well against them in the recent World Cup. So I don’t see any reason not to play well here either. No matter what I say, how we start tomorrow is important. We will see later how we move forward. Here we are focused on our thing. South Africa has always been a difficult journey for us. Now let us change things around. To do that we have to play with courage and face challenges. This is very important. Inspiration is what you say … there is nothing bigger than when you take to the field after the country jersey. ‘

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With their preparation, the captain said, ‘I have practiced for three or four sessions. At this point we tried to adapt to the conditions as much as possible. One thing to understand, we do not play in such conditions all the time. But on the one hand it is good that we have been able to practice a lot on the center wicket. We will play the second match in Wanderers. There we practiced on the center wicket. Which was like a practice match between themselves. We are trying to adapt to the conditions as much as we can. They do not change in two or three days. The bottom line is that the more mentally prepared you are, the better you can fight. This is the main thing. You come here seven days ago and get yourself ready to play one type of wicket all year round. Surely we should consider ourselves lucky. That being said, the main thing is to prepare yourself mentally. ‘

Tamim added, “I would not call this series difficult, but of course challenging, as I have said before. We have to be ready for that challenge. With the exception of one or two who are playing in this team, we all have the experience of playing 40-50 or more ODIs. So everyone knows what the responsibility is. I think the most important thing is how much we are ready to face the challenge. ‘

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