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When will BCB rectify their jokes?

When will BCB rectify their jokes?

CRICDOT DESK : Country’s highest cricket authority has become a joke in recent days. The country’s cricket board (BCB) is making one mistake after another in the bilateral series against Pakistan. This is not the first time they are doing such mistakes .In the accreditation card issued by the BCB for the Pakistan series, the reporter spelled ‘REPORTER’ instead of ‘REPORTAR’. Later, however, the BCB removed the card on the third T20 day of the three-match series and gave the new card to the journalists with the correct spelling.

Young fast bowler Shahidul Islam made his debut in the last match of the three-match T20 series. He took a wicket in his debut match. The BCB made a noticeable mistake in publishing his wicket-taking message on their Facebook page. The BCB cut off the head of Shakib Al Hasan‘s wicket celebration against the West Indies in the 2019 World Cup and put it on Shahidul’s head and posted it on the official page; Which is a regular troll.

The BCB did not warn against multiple mistakes in the T20 series against Pakistan in Dhaka. There was also a slight mistake in printing the tickets for the first day of the Chittagong Test.

The test series started at 10 am on Friday but the ticket was written at 10 pm. That is, ‘PM’ was given in place of ‘AM’ as time.

Not only that, Bangladesh decided to bat after winning the toss against Pakistan on Friday. The players list that BCB sent to the reporters about the XI of that match also found a big mistake in writing Bangladesh in English. In English Bangladesh was ‘BANGLADESH’ but it was written ‘BAMGLADESH’.

After the Chittagong Test, the BCB made another mistake in the list of 15 players in the Mirpur Test in Dhaka. This time he made a mistake in the name of the player. Fast bowler Khaled Ahmed has changed a part of his name. They wrote Syed Khaled Hossain in place of Syed Khaled Ahmed!

There are so many mistakes of BCB, which is not acceptable from the place of professionalism.

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