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What’s happening inside BCB and Akram Khan?

What's happening inside BCB and Akram Khan?

CRICDOT DESK : Even before the T20 World Cup, Akram Khan was the active chairman of the cricket management department. The team’s failure in the World Cup also took away Akram’s decision-making ability like the coaching staff. The ICC trophy-winning captain is now a silent spectator. The national team-centric decisions were taken by a third person, Akram khan just signed the paper. He also went to BCB yesterday to perform the duties of chairman. After work, he left the board office silently. As if Akram’s protest without protest.

In 2012, the then ruling BCB blocked the way for cricketers to become directors in the name of amending the constitution. At that time, Akram khan became enterprising and re-established the rights of cricketers by meeting the Prime Minister. When interim president Nazmul Hasan Papun changed the provisions of the constitution, Akram Khan had the opportunity to become a director. Akram khan, who was once active in defending his rights, was accused by his fellow cricketers of kicking him from behind in the country’s cricket field. BCB directors are also uneasy about this.

A director, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: “Several decisions have been made without informing Akram. The work could have been done by informing him as the chairman of the cricket management department.

Akram flew from Dubai to Dhaka a few days after the national team returned home after playing the last match of the group against Australia in the World Cup. Before he arrived in the country, important decisions were made about the Pakistan series. A number of cricketers also went down to practice under team director Khaled Mahmood Sujan.

The chairman of the cricket management department was not involved in the decision to make the national team. He was not even aware of Mohammad Salahuddin’s offer to become an assistant coach. The role of the coaching staff in the home series against Pakistan was decided by a third person. It is alleged that the chairman of the cricket management department found out after everything was over. He is also inactive with the New Zealand tour.

Cricket organizers also see Akram’s failure in this regard. They think that the chairman of the cricket operation should not have gone backfoot if he had talked openly with the board president Nazmul Hasan Papon about the issue.

When asked about this, Akram just said, ‘What shall I say? I go to BCB and do whatever I have to do. ‘

The Test team is touring New Zealand after the collapse of the Pakistan series. The Tigers’ performance against the Kiwis will depend on how long the fight for power in the cricket board continues. If Bangladesh wins the series, the turn of power may change. Akram can regain his decision-making power if he is whitewashed. Because BCB president Nazmul Hasan Papon has given three months to the current team management.

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