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‘We want to keep dressing room healthy’

'We want to keep dressing room healthy'

CRICDOT DESK: Jalal Yunus, newly elected chairman of the Bangladesh Cricket Board’s (BCB) cricket steering committee, is determined to restore a healthy environment in the national team’s dressing room.

After the board meeting in Mirpur on Friday, Jalal Yunus, head of the BCB’s new cricket management division, said the first task of managing cricket was related to the national team. I want to see a healthy environment in the national team dressing room. That is my goal. If there is a healthy environment with team management, staff, cricketers, it will help us to do better.

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Jalal Yunus has been the chairman of the media committee of the BCB for a long time. “I will take any step in the interest of cricket,” he said. But many times the situation is not favorable. So now I’ll just try to get everything right. It’s not very difficult. It is for misunderstanding. Hopefully there will be no problem if we can fix it here.

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