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Virat Kohli should Take 2-3 Months Break- Ravi Shastri

Ravi Shastri


CRICDOT DESK : Former Team India head coach La Vichastry suggests that Virat Kohli will be able to play as a gun player for the next three years if he takes a break from winning streak for a couple of months. Kori resigned as a test skipper after India suffered a defeat in the test series by South Africa. He holds the record for most test appearances as Indian test captain (68) and also holds the record for most test wins by Indian captain (40).

Shastri wants Kori to calm down and focus on the blow. He believes that former Indian skippers have five more years of “good” cricket left. “I noticed that he was 33 years old and noticed that he had a good cricket five years ago. If he could calm down, he would focus on his blows and play one game at a time. Shastri Shoaib Akhtar, a former Pakistani pacesetter on the YouTube channel, said, “I think it would be very helpful if he sat down for a couple of months or took a break for the series. “.

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For the last three years, the absolute king, who knows where he is mentally clear, knows exactly what his job and role is and plays as a team player. Come and make a lot of contributions as a team player and help the team win, “he added.

Kori was the team captain in a test cricket with Australia in 2014. Lost India in 7 wickets. Kori and it saw Batman record the 7th double century in the longest format of the game. Kori also holds the record for winning the most test centuries (20) as an Indian captain.

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