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Virat Kohli mulled stepping down voluntarily : Source

Virat Kohli mulled stepping down voluntarily : Source

CRICDOT DESK : Even when BCCI President Sourav Ganguly revealed why he moved the ODI captain from Virat Kohli to Rohit Sharma, the overall handling of the problem revealed a lot and moved like a giant like Kohli. Suggested that was not proceeding smoothly. Stakeholders of Rohit, Ganguly, and the selection committee should ideally be. On December 8, the day BCCI nominated a squad of 18 people for the next three series of tests against South Africa, they also announced a decision to appoint Rohit Sharma India’s ODI captain “in the future”.

The move was frowned upon as Kori resigned as a T20I skipper to better manage his workload, while clearly expressing his tendency to lead ODI and the test team. However, after confirming that Kori refused to move the board to not resign as a T20I skipper, Gangley decided that it would be wise for one person to lead both whiteball teams.

“It is this call that BCCI and Selector have jointly accepted. BCCI had asked Virat not to resign as a T20I skipper, but he clearly opposed it. And voters didn’t think it was right to have two different captains in the two whiteball formats, “Ganguly told reporters on December 9. As of December 10, two days after BCCI officially announced the announcement, a Cricbuzz Plus report claimed that Kori was “apparently dismissed.” I also learned that Kori was considering his resignation, but his ax was thrown over his head before announcing it. And he lost his role.

“People near him have told Cricbuzz several times that he is considering making a statement as captain of ODI. When she was recently asked about his plans, near him. “Something should come soon,” said a source. Kori did not object when his name was mentioned, but agreed to develop Rohit Sharma, who was appointed Deputy Captain of the Indian Test, and Azinka replaced Rahane. Voters first formally met and, of course, effectively selected the test team in which Kori attended. The team was read by him and he wasn’t disagreeing. By the time Sikar Dawan left the ODI team in March, Kori had already had a strong show. But since then, the relationship has seemed to improve.

This is because some selection interviews were conducted without much drama until the end, “the report said.
“There was no objection after voters made significant changes. At a meeting attended by Gangley and Shah, Rohit was replaced by Azinka Rahane as Deputy Captain of the Test. Immediately after the meeting was disbanded. The selection committee met again, this time the chair proposed a change to the ODI captain, and the pitch was unanimously approved by the other four selection committee members. This time Gangley and Shah weren’t there, “he added.

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