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Virat Kohli Led the Team From Front Everytime : Rohit Sharma

Batsman like Kohli is always necessary: Rohit after becoming captain

CRICDOT DESK : Rohit Sharma, the newly appointed ODI skipper from eam India, has opened the legacy of Virat Kohli as captain of the White Ball. Rohit replaced Virat as India’s new Limited Overcaptain last week when Selectors decided to form a single leader in the whiteball format. During his tenure as captain of ODI, Kori was unable to lead India to the ICC title and his leadership skills were constantly being scrutinized. However, the 33-year-old man led the Blue men to victory in several historic bilateral series, becoming one of the most successful ODI captains in Indian history.

Kohli boasts an excellent success rate as an Indian ODI captain with 65 wins in 95 games. Rohit talked about Kohlii’s legacy and said he had a clear message of courage and determination to win every game under his leadership.

“He put the team in an irreversible situation. For the five years he led the team, he led from scratch every time we entered the park. With a clear courage and determination to win every match. , That was the message to the whole team. Continue with him.

“We had a great time playing under him. Of course, we played a lot of cricket under him and enjoyed every moment. I keep doing that. “He added.

A bold start was the main focus of the entire team. It’s about getting better as an individual.

“We need to get better and better as a team and as an individual. It’s not just me, but the whole team. That’s what we do and we’re happy.” What to do The key is to be better and better as a team, “he said.

“Many world championships will be held. India will certainly monitor it, but it is necessary to follow the process and focus on the ultimate goal. We have to do a lot of the right things, and as of 2014 I think we didn’t do that much wrong. We have to go one step further, “he said.

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