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Venkatesh Iyer credits his whole career to KKR!

Venkatesh Iyer


CRICDOT DESK : Glamorous all-rounder Venkatesh Iyer recognizes Kolkata Knight Riders for pointing him in the right direction. The 27-year-old became a central stage in the second half of the 2021 IPL, recording 370 runs in 10 games and a batting average of 128.47. After his team slowed off in an early match, he played a key role in KKR’s strong comeback at the IPL leg in the United Arab Emirates. KKR finished second place last season and Iyer made his T20I debut in India.

Iyer remembered two unsold at last year’s auction, but when the franchise sold him after Madhya Pradesh’s decent batting performance scouted by Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy before the auction. KKR decided to pick him in the final round.

“Thanks to KKR. I wouldn’t have been anywhere without KKR. Last year there was a decent Mustak Ally, a few good scores, and one particular inning that finished the game for the team. When these hits came in, KKR scouted me and they chose me for the auction. The auction went into business. I was unsold twice and was named KKR in the final round. ”

Iyer thanked KKR for believing in it and praised the two champions for creating a culture that does not ignore players.

“When I was at KKR, I felt like I was doing something in my life somewhere. Then the first phase happened and I didn’t have a chance. But I Thanks to KKR for believing me and letting me know that I’m in the middle of it, even though I’m not playing. They didn’t completely ignore me and other players. They have always encouraged me to play, and if I play I’ll be fine, “he added.

Iyer was one of KKR’s major turnaround pillars later in the season when the franchise decided to give him the opportunity to play as an XI opener. He teamed up with Shubman Gil and played some valuable shots for the team when KKR reached the third IPL final.

“This spirit that KKR has shown has brought me the best. If I said it was me, it would be very wrong. It was the team that took me there. Thank you for that.

“It wasn’t the place we wanted at the end of India’s first leg, but then the United Arab Emirates came and what happened was a story that could be told even after 2030. It was a very special trip, “he added. Prior to the
Mega Auction IPL2022, KKR maintained Iyer at a large price of 8 rupees in front of some older players. The franchise also maintained Andre Russell, Valuncha Kravarcy, and Snirnarine with Ayer in an attempt to reorganize some players in the mega auction.

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