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Usman Kawaja set to return as replacement of Warner!

Usman Kawaja

CRICDOT DESK : Former Australian skipper Ricky Ponting believes Usman Kawaja can be used in place of David Warner in the second ash test if the opening stroke is removed from the game due to an injury. England and Australia are currently conducting their first ash test. Warner was unable to take the field on Friday after being hit in the chest on the second day of the first test.

“If (Warner) can’t play, I think it’s probably Kawaja who made the hit. He hasn’t done it in Queensland in recent years, but he’s done it in Australia before. quoted Ponting as saying.

“He’s obviously very well, so I think that’s probably the way to go. I think he’s well experienced, but I’m a little worried about the fact that he hasn’t been there for a while,” he said. Added. The
Australia’s opening hit made Warner even more uncomfortable with a brutal blow at the same time he entered the field from Ben Stokes in England.

“I’m worried he might not be there at all. There will be better ideas about when he will hit or if he will hit twice,” Ponting said. ..

“I noticed he came out after a break after he was beaten. I found him guarding this area a bit (in his chest). I still have him I was a little worried because it was a chest protector, “he added.

“The bruise alone thinks he’s outdoors, so there may be more than we’re hearing,” Ponting continued. By the time Joe Root and David Malan joined the game, two thugs stabilized the visitor’s ship at the end of the third day of the first ash test in Gabber, Brisbane on Friday. I kept catching up with England.
England’s stump score was 220/2, followed by 58 runs. Malang and Root played 80 and 86 runs undefeated, respectively.

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