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There is nothing to be ashamed of: Tamim


CRICDOT DESK : After winning the first two matches of the series against Sri Lanka, Tamim lost the third match. This time Bangladesh could not hold the full 30 points even after playing in the same XI three matches against Afghanistan. Bangladesh cricket fans are burning with frustration over the issue.

However, overcoming that hardship, now Tamim is out with the same delivery made by the same bowler in all the three matches. Bangladeshi cricket fans can’t accept Tamim’s repeated defeats to 21-year-old Afghan fast bowler Fazal Haque Farooqi, who has completed 15 years of his international career.

Tamim has played more than 350 matches and is also the captain of a team. And whether he is the only one who has fallen to pacer Farooqi in 3 international ODIs.

However, Tamim was ashamed of the matter. “There is nothing to be ashamed of, I have to be better,” he said. Tamim’s total collection in the series was only 31 runs (11, 12 and 6) after Farooqi’s hat-trick. The dashing opener could not cross the quota of fifty in three matches. What could be more frustrating performance!

But Tamim said he was rather proud of his batting. Something is burning him more than getting out repeatedly to the same bowler. He is suffering from the frustration of not being able to contribute to the series.

After Bangladesh’s loss in the third ODI on Monday, Tamim said, “I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed of as a bowler repeatedly (getting out) or remembering that he lost to me. I think we have to work on it. However, being out three times in the same type of delivery does not mean that you have to work. Because, I also made a lot of runs in that place. Maybe I should do a little better. Must be a little better. And I will continue to work on it. As an international cricketer, I have always said that you have to work, you have to work. If you keep working, you will get better. ‘

Tamim is more frustrated with being out for less runs in all three matches. “I’m more disappointed with the way I was able to contribute to the team than with being out,” he said. I don’t have much worries about that, because I’ve been out of this place before, I’ve made a lot of runs. However, not running in the whole series and being out three times is disappointing. Because I am not very proud of my batting and my batting standards are very high. ‘

Analysis of the last three matches showed that Tamim got out every time he went to play on the side with his legs crossed. Tamim became lbw in the first two matches of the series. He could not handle the delivery that entered Farooqi twice. He could not put the bat as he moved his legs a little more and moved the position of his head, the ball hit the pad.

Before the third match, batting coach Jamie Siddons said that Tamim himself was feeling the problem and they would work on it. But in the third match like the proverb ‘Jei Lau Sei Kadu’, Farooqi got out with the same shot. More this time. He returned bold.

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