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Taskin Ahmed says it was ‘miscommunication’ with management

Taskin Ahmed


CRICDOT DESK : Speed star Taskin Ahmed gave birth to a new discussion in this year’s BPL without cutting off the Miraj issue. Initially, it was learned from the BCB that a cricketer of Sylhet Sunrisers was threatening for the full salary. Although they did not reveal the name. However, in a matter of days, it is known that the cricketer is one of the best fast bowlers in the country, Taskin Ahmed. The national team star pacer also threatened not to play in BPL if he did not get full salary. But Taskin says the issue was simply a misunderstanding.

As per the rules, cricketers have to pay 50 per cent of their remuneration before the start of the tournament. 25% after the start of the tournament and the remaining 25% at the end of the tournament. “It simply came to our notice then. There was no clash or anything. It was a complete misunderstanding. We were told the fee would be cleared.

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I actually thought my paycheck would be paid before the game. There is actually a procedure. Compensation will be given according to this procedure. There was a miss communication here. It’s not really a matter of conflict. I don’t think it’s news! I also talked to Joy Bhai. ‘

Pointing out the lack of communication, Taskin added, “Honestly, the owners don’t stay at the hotel very often because of the bio-bubble. Joy Bhai is a very kind person. We all have a very good understanding with him. This is only due to lack of communication. I called my brother a few times. Maybe missed for some reason. The owner of our team has no conflict with me. He was too late to reply. Talked to me later, I will pay everything according to the prescribed procedure. There was no dispute between us. It’s just news. ‘

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