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Tamim threats Umpire Erasmus for warning Ebadot!

 (Photo by Christiaan KOTZE / AFP) (Photo by CHRISTIAAN KOTZE/AFP via Getty Images)

CRICDOT DESK : Tamim Iqbal is out of the Durban Test XI due to illness. However, after the end of the fourth day of the match, the conversation between the two South African umpires Marais Erasmus and Adrian Holdstock entered the field. Then from Dhaka he got a call from board president Nazmul Hasan. Back in the dressing room, Tamim had to explain what happened to his umpires? According to party sources, Tamim not only protested the partisan behavior of the two South African umpires, but also threatened in advance for the second Test in Port Elizabeth.

The Bangladesh team is angry over the questionable umpiring and questionable use of technology. A number of ‘calls’ from the two umpires, especially Erasmus, went against Bangladesh. The umpires have acted in a biased manner when any member of the Bangladesh team, who is a victim of the Proteas’ constant sledging, protested against him. At the end of the day’s play, Tamim protested to Erasmas. A team source said: “Tamim told Erasmus,” The way you treat the young players in our team is not right. You two have warned a junior cricketer (Ebadat Hossain). But why aren’t South African cricketers saying something every day? Telling us boys are juniors? Okay, I’ll talk to Port Elizabeth. Let’s see what you guys do! ’Tamim was right. They (the umpires) are doing too much. ”

Tamim speaks mainly to Erasmus, whose ‘mistake’ is the most obvious. However, it has been heard for so long that the Bangladesh team has good relations with this South African. Erasmas’s debut in the international match was against Bangladesh. The cricketers are so surprised by the behavior of Erasmas this time. However, the behavior of more angry protea cricketers. Mushfiqur Rahim is the only senior in the team in that sense. However, the Proteas are not giving concessions to Mahmudul Hasan, the youngest member of the party. Saril Irwin also scolded the opener for batting on Sunday. It is learned that on the last day, the Bangladesh team has also prepared a counter response to the ‘sledging’ of the Proteas.

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However, Tamim Iqbal has targeted the Port Elizabeth Test to give the hosts and local umpires a “tough time”. He did not have a pair to retaliate. Ebadat Hossain, who will be with him as a ‘deputy’, has hinted at a similar debate in Ebadat in Durban.

It’s hard to say what Alan Donald thinks after seeing such a scene from the dressing room. He may be a protea, but before the two teams started fighting on the field, the pace bowling coach of the Bangladesh team advised the new disciples, “Keep an eye on the fight.” Will not give any discount. So the second and final Test of the series in Port Elizabeth could lead to a fiery situation. Not to mention the Bangladesh team. Tamim has got a demerit point for arguing. This left-hander has no objection to raising it in Port Elizabeth. Needless to say, the party in Bangladesh, which is frustrated with ‘bias’, has also agreed to it.

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