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Tamim admits of controversary with Shakib Al Hasan

Tamim admits of controversary with Shakib Al Hasan

CRICDOT DESK : Ever since Tamim Iqbal withdrew from the T20 World Cup, rumors of controversy have been circulating among the Panchpandabs. Board sources said Mahmudullah did not want Tamim. Later, two big names Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal got involved in the rumors. Everyone knows that these two superstars were once close friends. But the relationship between them is not good now.

In a recent interview on Utpal, the website of renowned sports journalist Utpal Shuvro, world-class all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan admitted that his relationship with Tamim was deteriorating. Said, ‘Ruble does not write some status? For example, if you want to eat the national fruit, you have to apply oil on your hands … these things are like that. ‘ He also acknowledged the loss of cricket in the country due to strained relations between the five Pandavas. This time Tamim Iqbal also gave the same confession.

The country’s best opener has now returned to practice after recovering from an injury. He was out of the field for five months. Regarding the deteriorating relationship with Shakib, Tamim told the same website, ‘You have made this friendship too, this relationship is bad but you have made it. I play international cricket. I can guarantee that there is no team in the world who are like 11 happy families. There must be something with someone or something. Whether anyone on the field is upset or angry is the most important thing. ‘

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