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Sylhet Sunrisers accused of ‘Spot Fixing’

Sylhet Sunrisers


CRICDOT DESK : Even before the start of the meeting, various whispers could be heard about them. However, in the middle of the eighth edition of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), all the rumors circulating in the market about Sylhet Sunrisers seem to have found a solid foundation of doubt and suspicion. It was discovered by one of the largest online gambling companies in the world.

Betfair, an online betting company based in London and Dublin, has decided that it will no longer cover any of the franchises mentioned in the BPL.

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They announced the decision in a tweet on February 4. The tweet was later deleted, but by then, suspicions about Sylhet Sunrisers had spread.

The company announced in a tweet: “Our trading department has decided that for the rest of the Bangladesh Premier League, they will not hold any more matches of Sylhet Sunrisers on Sportsbook or The Exchange.” Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for joining. ‘

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