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Stokes shares horrible experience of chocking!

Stokes shares horrible experience of chocking!

CRICDOT DESK : England all-rounder Ben Stokes is returning to cricket with the Ashes series. He had a terrible experience before the Ashes. Stokes almost sat to die! The English all-rounder has taken a break from cricket for a long time. He said goodbye to cricket due to mental depression. Stokes has gone through a difficult time again without having to go through a difficult time. He is busy preparing for the Ashes.

In the meantime a miracle happened to him. Stokes was on the verge of death after taking medicine. Stokes himself tells the story of his return from the brink of death. Stokes wrote about what happened in his room in his column in the English daily Daily Mirror.

“I was alone in my room then. The medicine got stuck in the throat. Until the medicine came out, it seemed like I was finished! Later on, it started to melt slowly. I couldn’t breathe. It was as if my face was on fire. ”

He added, “I will not tell the details. Let me just say that I have never seen such saliva on my face last Sunday. I was really scared. ”

Stokes also withdrew from the T20 World Cup squad due to a finger injury and mental exhaustion. However, he is preparing for the Ashes. The English all-rounder also got a hand injury during the preparation. In this issue, Stokes said,

“It simply came to our notice then. But then comes the moment of fear. My batting coach Jonathan Trott was in excruciating pain when the ball hit the front of my hand. I could not move my hand. I thought my hand was broken. Fortunately, after returning to the dressing room, the pain and its effects diminished. The physio also confirmed that the arm was not broken. ”

The Ashes fight will start on December 6. The first Test will be held in Brisbane. The Adelaide Test will be a day-night match. The last Test will be on January 14 in Perth.

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