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Steps will taken against Virat Kohli: Sourav Ganguly

Steps will taken against Virat Kohli: Sourav Ganguly

CRICDOT DESK : Sourav Ganguly finally responded to Virat Kohli’s explosive press conference and said Steps will taken against Virat Kohli , talking about his dismissal as ODI’s captain, inconsistent with BCCI’s president’s comments. Kori was fired as ODI captain earlier this month, and the next day Ganguly asked Kohli not to abandon the T20I’s captivity in September, and the selector said he had only one white ball captain.

Claimed to have had to be removed from captivity over the age of 50. I wanted a format. However, Kohli was inconsistent with Gangley’s testimony at an explosive press conference on Wednesday before leaving for the South African test series.

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The press conference put BCCI under a microscope on the president’s allegations that he did not handle the cricket committee and Kohli’s dismissal successfully.

Ganguley refused to comment on News 18 about the entire saga. BCCI will take action accordingly.
Meanwhile, on Friday, Kohli announced that the selection had informed him of his removal from the ODI captain 90 minutes before the test team was selected for the South African tour.

“Everything that was said about the communication about the decisions made was inaccurate. I was contacted an hour and a half before the series of test selections on December 8 and announced that I would be the captain of the T20I. Since then, there has been no prior contact. Captain, I first approached BCCI, communicated my decision to them, and gave my view in front of them (officials). I explained why I wanted to give up on the T20 POWs, but my claim was very well received. There was no attack or hesitation, and I was never told that I shouldn’t leave the T20 captain, “Kohli added.

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