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Srijit Mukherjee wants to make biopic of Shakib Al Hasan!

Srijit Mukherjee wants to make a movie with Shakib Al Hasa

CRICDOT DESK :Being impressed with playing approach and ups and downs of Bangladesh’s biggest poster boy, Popular West Bengal filmmaker Srijit Mukherjee wants to make a movie with Shakib Al Hasan. He came to Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla Stadium on Wednesday and expressed his desire.

After the game was finished, Srijit Mukherjee suddenly appeared in a press box with his wife Mithila. Interistingly, There has been no movie about Shakib Al Hasan so far – it surprised Srijit. He said, if there is an opportunity, he is interested in making a movie about Shakib.

In Srijit’s words, there is definitely a desire to make a film about Shakib. I am wondering why there is no film about Shakib yet. He’s such an international all-rounder, I thought he’d be in a hurry for so long. If it is made, of course I will be interested in making it.

Srijit also wants to make a movie about the courage shown by former cricketer Rakibul Hasan. In this context, he said, Rakibul Hasan is a great character for the movie. Because when Bangladesh was not created, he did not hesitate to punish the Pakistanis for speaking harshly to his country’s leader. When everyone was going to bat with the sticker (sword and star) of undivided Pakistan, Rakibul picked it up and went on the field with ‘Joy Bangla’ sticker. There must be a movie about him for his courage and contribution.

Srijit said cricket was his first love. Cricket does nothing more than encourage him.

Although Srijit Mukherjee is a man of the cine world, his love of cricket is known to many. Her film ‘Sabas Mitu’, based on the life of female cricketer Mitali Raj, is slated to release in February next year.

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