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Smith finds no security concern in Pakistan!


CRICDOT DESK : International cricket has been banned in Pakistan for a long time due to militant attacks. Some teams have gone to Pakistan for the last two years. And after 24 years, Australia has visited Pakistan. Which is a great thing for the country’s cricket.

Australian spinner Ashton Agar has been threatened before coming on tour. But Aussie cricketers feel safe on Pakistani soil. After Test captain Pat Cummins, Steve Smith said the same thing today.

Before the first Test, former captain Steve Smith said: “We know there are a lot of rumors on social media. Some unfortunate things can happen. Many are working with us here. In Pakistan, we feel very safe. It feels good to come here to play. This is the first time we’ve all been here. Great excitement in everyone. We know how passionate Pakistanis are about cricket. ‘

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He returned to New Zealand to play on Pakistani soil in September last year. They decided not to play for safety reasons just before the start of the game. Which created a commotion in the cricket world. Then the boys and girls from England were supposed to go to Pakistan. But the England Cricket Board also canceled their tour after seeing New Zealand. “The cricketers are not in the right mood,” they said. Pakistan-Australia Test series starting from March 4.

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