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Six BPL franchise practice in a single ground, creates criticism!

BPL franchise practice


CRICDOT DESK : There is no criterion as to which of the franchise T20 leagues is the best in the world of cricket. However, the size, the splendid organization, the presence of high-profile stars and the commercial expansion — all in all, the Indian T20 League IPL can be placed above all. Meanwhile, Bangladesh Cricket thinks that BPL’s position is second only to India’s IPL in franchise tournaments. But even after starting, PSL is clashing with IPL by impressing BPL.

The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), the most prestigious venue of domestic cricket, is full of controversy and incoherence. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. BPL is seen in every event. Corona is playing one of the most exciting tournaments in domestic cricket after a season. This will be the eighth edition of BPL. Even after passing 6 events, he did not seem to find a solid foundation in BPL. Every time BPL starts with applause, regret and dissatisfaction.

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In addition to playing world class in IPL, cricketers get world class practice facilities. Each team has its own home ground, its own gym system. But the six teams of BPL practiced on the same field, crowded. Here are the practice sessions of the franchisees. As soon as BPL arrived, the academy ground in Mirpur became busy. Some twenty minutes, some thirty minutes – that’s how the preparation goes.

Nurul Hasan Sohan has been practicing since morning at the BCB Academy ground wicket. The wicketkeeper-batsman was leaving the net after Shakib Al Hasan entered the field. Shakib asked Sohan to stay in the net for some more time thinking that the wicket might be taken by someone else. Because Shakib was preparing for the batting session on the center wicket. Shakib can practice batting in the end without any embarrassment. Although the issue seems normal, the fact that the country’s best cricketers have taken possession of the net shows the lack of field. Everyone wants to be together in a shared field.

Cricket in Dhaka means Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla Stadium. The venue for the practice is the BCB Academy ground. Dhaka Premier League, National League, BCL, BPL, National team, age group, women’s team Saba cricket practice is done in this field. The six-team practice schedule in the BPL has been kept at the academy ground.

Yesterday was the practice of Comilla Victorians on the east side of the field, Fortune Barisal on the west side. If there are 60 people from both the teams together in this cricket venue of the size of a football field, it may seem that a meeting-seminar is taking place. The field is so small in size that when the session is held on the center wicket, the ball flies and falls in the BCB complex. Sometimes the ball has to be picked up from the road. As in Shakib’s session yesterday, the support staff had to be busy picking up the ball. The other two teams are waiting to get the venue before the end of the practice. Although the academy ground was made with Sylheti sand, the dust kept flying in the field under the pressure of practice. In this, cricketers have to practice face to face.

To ensure a chance to bat at the center wicket, Shakib had to say, ‘Sohan, stay another five minutes. I will bat. ‘ Tired Sohan could not respond to Shakib’s call and one of the cricketers of the other team assured Shakib, ‘There is no one to bat. If Sohan Bhai goes, there is no problem. You can do it, brother. ‘

There is no field in Dhaka city to practice franchise team like BPL. However, if the franchises try, they can give the cricketers an opportunity to practice intensively by renting a field in the vicinity of Dhaka. Some teams may go to Moscow Shakib Academy in Rupganj, Narayanganj. There is also a private academy ground in Badda.

ULAB can also take the opportunity to prepare at the university grounds near the embankment of Dhaka. Although it is not possible in Corona reality, these venues can be utilized if BCB takes initiative. Cricket is also played at Dhaka University or BUET ground. There is no obstacle to practice. All that is needed is the initiative of the BCB and the money laundering mentality of the franchisees.

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