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Siddons to take over national team while prince to ‘Bangladesh Tigers’

Siddons to take over national team while prince to 'Tigers'


CRICDOT DESK : It was not clear whether the ‘Bangladesh Tigers’, the shadow team of the national team, would be directly involved in the national team. According to the BCB, coach Jamie Siddons will be used conveniently. It was learned yesterday that Siddons will be the batting coach of the national team. He will work on the batting of Tamim Iqbal. The current national team batting coach Ashwell Prince will be given a job in the Bangladesh Tigers. It’s a humiliation for the Prince. Jalal Yunus, chairman of the BCB’s cricket management division, said the rest was being planned with Jamie Siddons in the national team. And Siddons is coming to Dhaka today to fulfill that new responsibility.

This Aussie coach is coming back to Bangladesh after 11 years. This time he is coming as the batting consultant coach of the national team. Jamie was appointed head coach of the national team in 2006. He served as head coach for four years in two terms. He returned to Australia after the ODI World Cup in 2011. Siddons was not with the national team of any country after leaving Bangladesh. He has worked with club teams in New Zealand and Australia. He has been working with age-based cricketers for the last few years.

He did not try to get a job in Bangladesh. BCB wants to be the head coach of the academy. Russell also applied for the coaching of Shakib-Tamim when appointing Domingo. But the BCB did not agree to return him. Jamie is returning to the national team in Bangladesh. This time he will have to work under Russell Domingo and Khaled Mahmud Sujan. Since Khaled Mahmood Sujan quit his job as assistant coach because he did not get along with Siddons, this time Siddons will have to work within the accountability of that Sujan. Needless to say, Siddons has to deal with a lot of adversity this time around. Regarding the inclusion of Siddons in the national team, Jalal Yunus said, “Jamie will definitely work in the national team. He has been appointed for the senior team. Asked about the Ashwell Prince, he said: Prince might work at HP. ‘

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Siddons head coach Russell Domingo is not on the list. Due to Domingo’s objections, it was not possible to appoint him earlier. After Neil McKenzie quit his job for the national team, the board appointed Ashwell Prince as the batting coach of Domingo’s choice. However, the cricketers of the national team are not happy with Prince’s work. He is being removed based on the reports of the players. It will be seen in the next few months how head coach Russell Domingo sees Siddons’ inclusion in the national team or how much their ‘chemistry’ has accumulated. However, Domingo was unwrittenly sidelined in the Pakistan series at home after the T20 World Cup. Khaled Mahmud Sujan lost control of the match with the team’s plan.

Siddons is great as a batting coach. During his time, Shakib and Tamim improved their batting. Siddons has been named the national team’s batting consultant on the advice of senior cricketers. He has been appointed to the BCB for two years. The board may have big plans for him. At some point Domingo could be removed and handed over to Siddons.

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