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Siddons to start hunt for new ‘Shakib-Tamim-Mushfiq’


CRICDOT DESK : He saw Afif Hossain and Mehedi Hasan Miraj from the edge of the abyss to take the team to the pinnacle of victory. In the next match, Liton Kumar Das was also seen to shine in a remarkable century by turning the beautiful side of the bat. “My job is halfway through,” said Jamie Siddons. Because some quality players have already been created.

There is no need to start from scratch with those who have been created. The former head coach of the Bangladesh team said that the performance of the youngsters in the first two ODIs of the series against Afghanistan has removed a lot of pressure from him. Returning to the role of batting coach in the world after 11 years, Liton’s batting has become interesting in a few days.

The Australian, who came to yesterday’s practice with the T20 cricketers, told the media that he was fascinated by the talent here. They have already acquired the ability to perform in big matches. Cricketers like Liton have done the same in Test matches. There is very little left to do with him. ‘

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The only thing left to do is to sharpen Liton so that he can push even the best bowlers in the world. Siddons is also taking up the challenge with Liton, saying, “It will take some more time to add the last touch of art to Liton’s batting. So that he can be successful against any bowler. He is the best fast bowler or spinner in the world, whatever! My challenge is to get him to that place. Tamim and a few others (Sakib-Mushfiqs) have reached the peak. Now let the youth I want go further. ‘

“When we go to South Africa, Australia and India, we have to have good bowlers,” he said. So there is no time to lie down. Easy runs will not come anywhere. We have to face the challenge in this place. This is the place of improvement and we have to be ready for it. Young people need to take this extra step so that they can always do well abroad. ‘

Among these youngsters, the coach, who is back among the old disciples, was heard to demand patience to find the next Shakib-Tamim. The big stars of today started to develop while he was the head coach. Citing their example, Siddons said, “We have to keep in mind that Tamim, Shakib, Mushfiqur and Riyadh were all very inconsistent in their early days. We could have eliminated them at any stage of our careers. If Shakib was not a good bowler, he could have been dropped as a batsman before he started to be successful. But he adjusted himself because he had the ability to be a batsman. ‘

“We have some talented superstars now,” said Siddons. We will give them time, choose the right cricketer and take care of him. They should be given enough time without putting extra pressure on them. I have no doubt that new Shakib-Tamim will be found among them. ‘

The present Shakib-Tamim also has no hesitation in expressing his excitement. “You still have the best all-rounder in the world, performing almost every match. After saying this about Shakib, he also announced to see the best of Tamim in front of him, saying that he will get more success. If he is not LBW (he also said to keep the front leg a little straight and work on the game), then it will be really difficult to get him out. Tamim will be able to score many more runs. As I can see, Tamim’s best cricket is still ahead. ‘

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