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Shishir and Shakib share love for each other on social media

Shishir and Shakib share love for each other on social media

CRICDOT DESK : Bangladesh cricket superstar Shakib Al Hasan has attracted the hearts of many young women from home and abroad. This attraction and affection continues even after marriage. But Shakib’s heart was stolen to someone and She is Umme Ahmed Shishir, an expatriate from the United States. The two met while playing county cricket in England. How can Shakib, who is shy from his identity, fall in love with Shishir thats an story to tell.

They got married on December 12, 2012, a rare day. Today is their ninth wedding anniversary. Shakib and Shishir have already become parents of two daughters and a son.

On the wedding anniversary, both Shakib and Shishir have posted a duet through social media. The world’s best all-rounder posted a picture on his Facebook page and wrote, ‘I have been with my man for nine years and forever. Years go by but you remain my daily dream. Happy wedding anniversary. ‘

On the occasion of the wedding anniversary, Shishir also posted a funny picture with Shakib on his official Facebook page. Shakib’s wife wrote there, ‘This is how we spent 9 years with a lot of laughter. Precious moments, sorrow, tears, emotions Michelle! Because we trust each other now and always will. Happy ninth wedding anniversary, Alhamdulillah. ‘

Shakib and Shishir have three children in their 9 year old family. The eldest daughter Alaina Hassan Abri was born in 2015. On April 24 last year, the second girl came to their lap. Shakib’s second daughter is named Irram Hasan. The third child, Aiyah Al Hassan, was born last March.

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