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Shakib’s family admitted to hospital after fall sick


CRICDOT DESK : The mother, son and two daughters of the country’s best all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan have been admitted to hospital. They are being treated at a private hospital in the capital.

It is learned that Shakib’s son Aizah Al Hasan and his eldest daughter Iram Hasan are suffering from pneumonia. The eldest daughter Alaina Hassan Aubri has a cold. All three are admitted to the same hospital with their grandmother.

According to Shakib’s family sources, Shakib’s mother is a heart patient. Although he was undergoing routine treatment, his condition worsened and he was admitted to the hospital. Now his physical condition has improved a bit. However, it is not completely normal.

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Meanwhile, Shakib’s mother-in-law’s condition is also very bad. She is suffering from cancer. Shakib’s mother-in-law is admitted to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH). She is undergoing treatment there.

Note that Shakib is currently on a tour of South Africa with the national team. Although Shakib’s wife and children are in the United States, they came to the country last February.

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