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Shakib to return without playing Test series?


CRICDOT DESK : Shakib wanted leave to get rid of mental exhaustion. He did not want to visit South Africa. The all-rounder heard the bad news two days after agreeing to the heated debate. His mother fell ill and was admitted to the hospital.

At the end of the second ODI, he heard that his children were also sick. In this situation, Shakib’s game has become a bit uncertain for the rest of the tour. Will Shakib return to the country without playing the last match of the series? It will not be a surprise if Shakib returns to Dhaka in such a family situation.

It is learned that except Shakib’s wife Umme Ahmed Shishir, his mother, three children and mother-in-law all fell ill in the hospital. Shakib’s mother suffered a heart attack at the Evercare Hospital in the capital. Shakib’s mother Shirin Akhter was unconscious two days ago. Shakib’s mother-in-law is a cancer patient. He is being treated at the Combined Military Hospital.

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Meanwhile, Shakib’s only son Aizah and younger daughter Irram are also believed to have pneumonia. They are also receiving treatment at Evercare. Shakib’s eldest daughter Alaina also has fever. He was also admitted to the same hospital.

Shishir is taking care of so many sick people in the family alone. Will Shakib return to the country leaving the series unfinished in such a situation? The all-rounder told a Bangladeshi media, “Everyone is fine now. I still can’t say whether I will return to the country or not. ‘

According to team management sources, Shakib will also play in the last ODI, so far this is the decision. News has come from Dhaka that the physical condition of Shakib’s mother and children is improving. After the ODI series, there is a break of six days before the start of the Test series. At that time maybe Shakib can come back to Dhaka once. Everything depends on the physical condition of the mother and children.

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