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Shakib opens up about traumatic bio bubble

Bangladesh’s all-round ace Shakib Al hasan recently spoke in detail about his future in all three game formats. He felt it was time to prioritize format, and he felt that test cricket would no longer be his priority. Shakib also added that he wants to keep ODI on the top list and even avoid playing games that aren’t in the Super League. The

All-Rounder has already retired from Bangladesh’s test series against New Zealand for personal reasons. His withdrawal from the series caused some controversy, but he was given a leave of absence from the BCB. It should be noted that this 34-year-old boy has missed several series since 2017 and has been out of the international arena for a year due to the ICC ban.

“I know which format is important or prioritized. It’s time to start thinking about test cricket. The fact is whether I’m testing or not, and if so, how. Do you want to play the format? You should also consider participating in ODI where points are not an issue. I have no other choice, “Shakib said in an interview with Dhaka-based television station NTV.

Shakib did not emphasize withdrawing from the test format, but is interested in prioritizing one of the formats in the future. He added that playing cricket during a pandemic is really difficult when you are away from your family for a long time.

“I’m not saying I’m leaving the test. It is even possible to stop playing the T20I after the 2022 T20 World Cup. You can play tests and ODI. However, it is almost impossible to play the three formats. Playing two tests in 4042 days is not effective. It encourages people to play selectively. I definitely plan well with BCB and move on. That would be the smartest. If that happens in January, I know what I’m doing for the rest of the year, “he added.

He thought that the biobubble felt like a prison and that the absence of three young children also affected their growth. Cricketers often discuss with the BCB to make the final plan.

“It was like being in jail. Not many players roam during the series. But if you know in your head that you want to go but you can’t, then there’s a problem. New Zealand was thinking about mental health and didn’t even send the U19 team to the World Cup. Coronavirus does not go away so easily. We have to find a new way to overcome this. I don’t think biobubbles and quarantine are the best ways to do it. If you can’t meet your three young children on a regular basis, you’re in an unhealthy situation. It affects their growth, “he concludes.

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