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Shakib Al Hasan comes up with healthcare service


CRICDOT DESK : World’s best all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan. Shakib is an all-rounder at 22 yards, as well as off the field. He has a reputation as a cricketer as well as a businessman. Besides spreading light in the field, he has opened trade and commerce in different sectors. He has a variety of businesses starting from restaurants. This time he is entering the healthcare sector.

Shakib confirmed the matter through a post on his verified Facebook page on Friday. During the coronal period, patients are struggling to get proper treatment. The idea of ​​digital healthcare was established from that idea and then the journey of Shakib Seventy Five Health Care started.

Shakib said, they are coming up with solutions for all health services. The idea of ​​what services will be provided under standard digital health care has also been given.

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All health related advice can be taken from a registered doctor at home through Shakib Seventy Five Health Care. Different hospitals and diagnostic centers have special discounts on any test, Corona test sample collection at home, Diagnostic services at home and many more.

Shakib Al Hasan’s handcuffs as a businessman through investment in restaurant business. He then quickly expanded his business environment. He has investments in various sectors of the country including stock market, power plants, cosmetics, travel agencies, hotels, event management, crab and crab farms. Outside the country, Shakib Al Hasan has invested heavily in various countries, including the United States and Saudi Arabia.

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