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Salman Butt takes a dirty dig at Bangladesh!


CRICDOT DESK : The then Pakistan captain Salman Butt was banned for five years for his involvement in match-fixing during the 2010 tour of England. After that he could not return to international cricket. This time Salman Butt has made insulting remarks by dragging Bangladesh unnecessarily to save his father Azam from criticism.

The Karachi Kings, led by Babar Azam, have been knocked out of the ongoing PSL after losing eight matches in a row. Many are blaming Babar Azam for the team’s failure. But according to Salman Butt, it is not the fault of the current Pakistan captain.

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In a recent interview, Salman Butt said, “I will not say that … (Babur is bad as a captain). He is also the captain of Pakistan. Now if you make Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Ricky Ponting the captain of Bangladesh, they will not be world champions. If you want to make a difference, you have to be patient. ”

“You can’t do much without the right balance in the franchise squad,” he added. That’s how Babur got these players a week before the start of the tournament, which is why there is no specialty in the team. No matter how strong a planner you are, success is not possible. ‘

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