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Sachin not to play Road Safety World Series

Sachin not to play Road Safety World Series


CRICDOT DESK : The Road Safety Series was first launched in 2020. The series was played with legendary cricketers from different countries. However, despite the close of the second edition, the money for the series has not yet reached the hands of the legendary cricketers who played in the series. The list includes Bangladesh’s Mohammad Rafique, Khaled Mahmud Sujan and Sachin Tendulkar. In protest, Sachin has removed his name from the series.

Tendulkar played for India Legends. This team won the first edition of the series. Tendulkar has been accused of not paying his dues for the season. This is why he has decided to leave the project altogether.

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According to Indian media, Sachin will not be taking part in the tournament this season. The tournament is scheduled to take place in the UAE from March 1-19, but Tendulkar will not take part in the tournament in any way.

The agreement was that after signing the tournament, which is scheduled for 2020, each player would be given 10 percent of their dues. Another 40 percent will arrive by February 25, 2021. The rest will be handed over to the players on March 31. However, ten months after that deadline, the players have not yet received the money. That is why Sachin has taken this decision.

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