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Russell Domingo not to return Bangladesh!

Russell Domingo


CRICDOT DESK : The BCB is planning all the home series against Afghanistan with Russell Domingo as the head coach. The national team selectors know that. Have a zoom meeting with the coach before finalizing the squad. Domingo’s return flight to Dhaka on 19 February has been booked. But whether Domingo will return to work in Bangladesh in the end is the big question. Because he is not getting the normal working environment in the national team.

Tiger head coach said on the phone yesterday, he is not sure whether he will return to Dhaka. Something is going to happen in the next three weeks, he indicated. You can give even if you leave the job of BCB. If you get a job in the country, you may not return.

Domingo has been the Tiger head coach since the T20 World Cup. He had to work under team director Khaled Mahmood Sujan in Pakistan and New Zealand series. He has now been left alone on the national team coaching panel. Fielding coach Ryan Cook was fired after the T20 World Cup. The contract with pace bowling coach Otis Gibson has not been renewed. Gibson has signed a contract with the England county team. Batting coach Ashwell Prince is being dropped from the national team. He will be sent on deputation to HP or Bangladesh Tigers.

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Jamie Siddons will be the batting coach of the national team. He doesn’t like Domingo again. Only spin consultant Rangana Herath is being retained in the national team. There is no benefit in having Herath. The former Sri Lankan spinner has been selected by the BCB. Domingo may realize he can’t fight alone.

At the end of the New Zealand series, however, the believers have been seen saying Domingo. After returning to the country, the South African may have changed his mind after seeing everything. He may have got a job in the country. Because in the last few days he did not agree to give any interview with Bangladeshi journalists. He also said that he is not watching the BPL match. Which makes it clear that mentally Domingo is not with Bangladesh cricket. And in the end, if you want to return to your current job, you will undoubtedly go to court to get back the full decision-making power.

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