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Root is an outstanding cricketer but does not have leadership qualities: McCullum

Joe Root is an outstanding cricketer but does not have leadership qualities: Brendon McCullum

CRICDOT DESK : Former New Zealand cricket legend Brendon McCullum revealed that English test skipper Joe Root did not show significant leadership features. McCallum also described Root as a great man and a good cricket player.

McCallum also commented on the first ash test match between Australia and England. The 40-year-old Britain said they had a chance to test, but they weren’t strong enough to accept them.

McCallum even said that England simply “missed” when the Australians began to bend their muscles. McCallum also added that it is worth noting that the team led by Joe Root lost seven test matches in this calendar year alone and believed that England had a bad year with test cricket.

“I think Joe Root is a great guy and a good cricket player. You’re talking about a very good leader. I didn’t really see. England had a chance, they had a chance. There were, but they weren’t just strong enough. England was simply missed when pressure was applied and Australia began to give way.

This is her seventh test loss in a calendar year and is noteworthy. Her worst was eight, and it was a while ago. The worst in the history of test cricket is the nine in Bangladesh. It was a pretty bad year for England, “McCallum told SENZ Breakfast.

Brendon McCullum Brendon McCullum also felt he wasn’t one of the best cricket skippers in the world because Joe Root was drifting the game. Adding that Australia were on the ropes in the 1st Ashes Test, McCullum concluded by stating that Root allowed Australia to fight their way back into the match.

“To me, leadership is not just about being able to make the right calls at the right time tactically as a skipper. He`s not, to me, up there as one of the best in the world at it. He allows games to drift at times. When they had Australia on the ropes the other day, he allowed the game to drift. If you give Australia a chance to fight back, they will fight back, “McCullum concludes.

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