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Rohit should be the captain in Tests too: Shastri

Ravi Shastri


CRICDOT DESK : Former Indian all-rounder and head coach Ravi Shastri believes Rohit Sharma should become India’s new test captain if senior batters can maintain his health. The 34-year-old starter was appointed Deputy Captain of the Indian Test prior to his South African tour, but he was unable to travel due to a hamstring injury he received last year.

KL Rahul led India in Johannesburg when Kori failed the second test due to trivial matters. With Kori resigning as test captain, India is looking for a new leader. Shastri believes Rohit is the right person to lead India in all three formats.

“If Rohit is healthy, why can’t he even be a captain in the test?” He was appointed Deputy Captain of the South African series, but was unable to get there due to an injury. So if he became a deputy captain, why can’t he be promoted to captain? Shastri told India Today . He was good at listening to you all the time. ”

“Many people say he’s always doing what he wants to do, but that’s not true. He read the game carefully and always put my team’s performance first. Therefore, as a leader, he should always keep in mind. ”

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Regarding Kori’s performance as a test leader, Shastri said: Certainly he should have been able to lead India for at least two years. Because India has played at home for the next two years, surpassing 9 and 10 boys according to the rankings, but after that, the captain and many can’t digest that fact.

“He was able to continue for two years, but he must respect his decision. In any other country, such a record is excellent. They beat Australia and England and lost 12 to South Africa. , Still debating. Whether he should be the captain.

“Virat Kohli has led India for 56 years in the test, of which India was number one in five years. No Indian captain has this kind of record, and only a handful of captains around the world have this kind of record. Therefore, if the most successful captain decides to resign as captain, it is an individual decision as his record of 40 wins is unprecedented.

“So he only knows how much he enjoys the captain. When Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni didn’t enjoy the captain, they left. Similarly, I think Virat won 40 games. At that time he was leading for 6 years and now he wants to enjoy cricket. He wants to focus on batting and relieve the pressure. It happens to many people. “

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