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Rohit is a tactically sound captain and will have my support: Virat Kohli

Rohit is a tactically sound captain and will have my support: Virat Kohli

CRICDOT DESK : Team India Test Skipper Virat Kohli praised ODI and T20I skippers Rohit Sharma and head coach Rahul Dravid, saying they will do their best to help the duo improve their Indian cricket. .. Over the last two months, Cricket in India has experienced several personnel changes on both the team and support staff.

After the 2021 T20 World Cup, Nagper born replaced Sharma Kori as India’s Limited Overskiper, even though Dravid replaced Ravi Shastry as head coach. Reports of the split between Kori and Rohit have been circulating recently. However, 33-year-old Kori denied his speculation, saying he supported Rohit.

Virat praised Rohit for leading the team very accurately both internationally and in the Indian Premier League. It is important to note that Sharma was the most successful skipper in IPL history and led Mumbai Indians to five titles.
“Of course, my responsibility is to get the team in the right direction. This is what I wanted to do before I became a captain. The idea will never change. Rohit is a very capable captain and A very good tactical captain. “It is said that Kori is saying,” India Today reported at the Indian convention and IPL.

Kohli also thanked Rahul Dravid, who began his coaching days at the T20I and won the test series with New Zealand. The veteran said his job was to help the team with all the experience he had gained over the years.

“Rahul Bhai is a very well-balanced trainer and a good manager. Both fully support all the visions you have set for your team. I’m 100% there. I am the one who can move the team in the right direction, “he added.

Kohli is ready to lead India in a three-game test series against South Africa on December 26th at Centurion’s Supersports Park. Rohit, on the other hand, was removed from the series due to a thigh injury.

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