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Rizwan, son of Pathan dynasty

                                                  Mohammed Rizwan. (Photo Source: Kerry Marshall/Getty Images)

Rizwan is one of the star cricketers of Pakistan cricket and one of the best players of T20 World Cup. Rizwan 7 has identified himself in a different way in the 2021 World Cup
This Rizwan is the son of the Pathan dynasty of the upper dynasty of Pakistan.

Mohammad Rizwan belongs to a Pathan family who lives in KPK, Peshawar, Pakistan. She began her married life in 2015 by marrying her cousin. But due to family rules do not like to share any information about the wife. Now he has two daughters.

In 2016, she shared the good news with her fans via Twitter that she had become the father of her first daughter. When her second daughter was born on October 7, 2017.

Rizwan is now one of the best batsmen in Pakistan. He is running in every match and helping the team to reach the top।

– Tarak

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