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Rizwan Becomes First Batter In History To score 2,000 Runs In Calendar Year

Rizwan Becomes First Batter In History To score 2,000 Runs In Calendar Year

CRICDOT DESK : Pakistan’s Mohammad Rizwan became the first batter to record 2,000 men’s T20 runs in a calendar year. Rizwan reached the milestone on Thursday with Pakistan’s third and final T20I against the West Indies in Karachi, where he won seven wickets. He achieved great achievements during the eleventh persecution from Pakistan. Pakistan aimed for 208 runs, hit 208 three times with 18.5 overs, and Rizwan beat 87 runs with 45 balls.

His strenuous stroke was also composed of 4 of 10 and 6 of 3. Rizwan ‘s opening partner, Bavar Azam, also performed well, scoring 79 runs in 53 appearances. He also recorded nine 4s and two maximums.
Meanwhile, Asif Ali finished the host’s victory with an undefeated strike of 21 out of 7 balls. His knock was also full of two 4s and two 6s.

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Romario Shepherd, Dominic Drakes and Odine Smith each took a ticket gate for their visitors. Prior to
, the West Indies reported 207 in 3 out of 20 overs, and Captain Nicholas Pooran recorded 64 runs in 37 deliveries. Pooran also rattled two 4 and 6 maximums. The West Indies also got off to a strong start with Brandon King and Sharma Brooks starting the match at 43 and 49, respectively.

Mohammad Wasim has won 2 wickets with 4 overs in a good bowling form for Pakistan. Meanwhile, Shahnawaz Dahani has also been dismissed from the homeside. With a
victory, Pakistan completed its 30th clean sweep against the West Indies in the T20 series.

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