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Review paradox and Mominul, a issue to work out!


CRICDOT DESK : If you keep an eye on social media, you will see many suggestions, satire. Some say that BCB should organize review (decision review system) learning courses, create posts and appoint ‘review coaches’. Some questions when the Bangladesh team will learn to take reviews?

The reason for the frustration of the audience is obvious. The review seems to have become a maze for the Bangladesh team. The Tigers’ performance, especially in white, is evident, at least in terms of reviews.

The responsibility is going to the captain Muminul Haque. The cannon of criticism is flowing over him. The captain is running from mid off, mid on and taking the opinion of wicketkeeper, bowler and close in fielders. Then don’t take reviews or if your teammates don’t have confidence. But Muminul is being crucified for success and failure, forgetting the contribution of everyone else.

Bangladesh also showed inexperience in the review in Port Elizabeth yesterday. In the third over of the innings, Khaled Ahmed got the ball at the feet of Sarel Erwie. The bowler strongly appealed, the umpire did not give out. Muminul came and talked to Liton Das, bowlers and others. By the time you decide to take a review, the deadline has passed. Ripley was saying that Erwick had to return as soon as he took the review.

In addition to inefficiency, some success is also coming. In the 51st over of the innings, Bangladesh returned Kigan Petersen with a review off Taizul. The umpire did not give out at the request of Taizul, later the Tigers succeeded with the review.

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Bangladesh took a review against Rickelton in the 72nd over of the innings. Thinking that Miraj’s ball was on the pad, Liton Das and Fielder strongly appealed. The captain came and took the review. But it was seen in the replay that the ball did not hit the pad. Crossing the pad, the bat hit hard from very close to the pad. That word made the Litons hopeful. But Rickelton survived that journey.

In the second Test of the series against South Africa yesterday, Bangladesh’s pace bowling was simple at St. George’s Park in Port Elizabeth. Although Khaled Ahmed spread some heat, Ebadat Hossain was harmless.

Considering the wicket, Ebadat-Khaled should have bowled at full speed. But they have consistently bowled back-to-backs. Playing which, the Proteas batsmen have been set on the wicket and have also scored runs quite quickly. But Khaled got the only wicket in the first session of the day by bowling at full length.

South Africa is on the way to a big score in the first innings by overcoming the obstacles of Bangladesh.

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