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Ramiz Raza challenges IPL with PSL


CRICDOT DESK : According to Ramiz Raja, chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), if the PSL starts the auction process without following the draft system like the BPL, cricketers will prefer PSL, not the IPL.

“In order to be financially self-sufficient, we need to create new assets,” Ramiz said in an interview with popular cricket website ESPN Cricinfo. For now, we have nothing but PSL and ICC funds. I want to start the auction process from next season of PSL. You have to sit down with the owners of the franchise and discuss this.

The former Pakistan World Cup winner added that it was a money game at the end of the day. If the cricket economy develops in the country, our respect will also increase. PSL is the main tool to develop the cricket economy. If we start the auction process in PSL, give the franchisees the ability to spend more, then we can easily bring PSL to the forefront of IPL. Then we will see who goes to play in IPL without PSL.

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Ramiz Raja further said that if you move away from the draft process and start the auction process, you will be able to attract many talented players from around the world, they will also be interested. I’ve talked to two franchise owners who are willing to experiment. I will talk to others. This plan is still in thought. However, I am most interested in implementing this plan.

“We want the PSL to be held at all venues on home and away basis from next season,” he said. A lot more money will come from selling tickets. We want to change the whole concept of PSL.

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