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Qasim Akram Creates History by hitting ‘Century and fifer’ in same match!

Pakistan Captain Qasim Akram Creates History

CRICDOT DESK : World champion Pakistan defeated Sri Lanka in fifth place in the playoffs after both teams had a chance to win the title in the quarterfinals last week. Pakistan commanded the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground from the beginning, with Muhammad Shezad and Hashy Brakhan in the opening round dominating the attack on Sri Lanka.

The pair led Pakistan to 100 without loss, and Shezard eventually made 73 out of just 69 deliveries and was dismissed by deputy captain Raveen de Silva.

However, Kahn joined Kink with the impressive skipper Kasim Akram, who incredibly robbed Sri Lanka of the game. Both have taken Pakistan over 350 for centuries, but Khan finally died when he was captured by Mashisha Patilana and ended at 136.

Akram was undefeated as his team finished 365/3 and gave their opponent the difficult task of finishing fifth.
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And when Akram caused havoc with a new ball, Sri Lanka’s reaction was confused after just two overs. The
talented all-rounder removed only one opener, Chamindu Wickramasinghe and Pawan Pathiraja, in total, and Shevon Daniel also fell between the two. Ranuda Somarathna also chose a duck, and Akram reduced Sri Lanka to 15/4 with one hand.

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Since then, Sri Lanka has only aspired for pride. Their captain, Dunith Wellalage, wouldn’t go without a fight and made a bold 40 with five boundaries. Vinuja Ranpul was also in a rebellious mood, not knocking out 53, and his team was two-sixths of the game.

But that’s not enough, Pakistan won 238 runs when Trebbin Matthew hit the pad with Zieshan Zamir’s full power and knocked out the Sri Lankan team within 35 overs to take fifth place. rice field.

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