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PSL to start auction system like IPL

Complete squad of PSL 2022 teams
Complete squad of PSL 2022 teams


CRICDOT DESK : Pakistan cricketers have been ignored in the IPL for a long time. Since then PSL (Pakistan Super League) has started in Pakistan. The country’s franchise-based cricket league is slowly gaining popularity. PCB chairman Ramiz Raja is coming up with a new way to win the IPL from tomorrow. Like IPL, PSL will also be auctioned.

Ramiz said that instead of the draft, the auction will be held in PSL from next season. Auction is a game of money. If there is an auction, I want to see who goes to play in IPL except PSL. So far seven events have been held in PSL. The PSL franchises had arranged their teams through drafts in all the events.

Instead of drafting, PCB chairman Ramiz has arranged for auction. “We need to find new ways to become financially self-sufficient,” he said. We have nothing but PSL and ICC funds. We have the opportunity to discuss what our model will be from next year. I want to start the auction from next season. There is a demand for this, but you have to sit down with the franchisees to decide on it. ‘

Ramiz’s main goal is to win the IPL. “It’s a money game,” he said. If cricket is financially strong in Pakistan, our respect will also increase. The main driver of that economy is PSL. If we introduce PSL auction model, our financial strength will increase. I want to organize in the style of IPL and then I want to see who goes to play IPL except PSL. ‘

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