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Pat Cummins urges players to refrain from sledging

Pat Cummins


CRICDOT DESK : Since the 2018 ball tampering scandal, Australian cricket culture has historically been under serious scrutiny of its win at all cost approach. In the ongoing Ash series, no nasty incidents have been observed in which Cummins blamed his teammates as well as his leadership style.

The British praised Usman Khawaja’s 200s at the Sydney test, and the Australians praised the visitor’s good performance at the camp. Cummins, the first Australian high-speed bowler to lead the testside, said his approach to leadership was very similar to that of Eoin Morgan in England. “I see various leaders and people like Eoin Morgan. I like his attitude towards the captain and how he puts the team together.

I’ve been working with Eoin at IPL for the past few years and we have a very similar view of life, “Cummins was reportedly said by the Sydney Morning Herald. “You have to be aware of that. A few years ago it was clear that the world wanted to tone down a bit to all cricket teams, especially the Australian cricket team.

” We always encourage all players to be themselves. You don’t have to impress or sled someone just because it’s possible in the past. Cummins said he was very proud of the team’s actions. “The first few tests are very smooth and (sledding) needs attention … guides behavior in this area. If you need to pull someone up (to the sled), do so. But everyone grows up here.

“I heard clearly from the outside what we and cricket fans in Australia are expecting. I don’t give all the honor. The boys were great.” According to Cummins, the test The format itself is like encouraging players to do their best in every possible way. “This is the preferred format for almost every cricket player growing up in Australia. Test cricket means something in Australia. This is where history is made,” he said.

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“I met people on the street 12 months after the Ash series. They already say they can’t wait for Ash.
And he enjoys the challenge of becoming an Australian test skipper and bowler. Don’t mind if , Few pacesetters lead the team.

“I always thought bowlers would be captains. I don’t know if this is the beginning of the trend, but why? My experience as a bowler is invaluable when talking to other bowlers in the field, changing bowling, and setting up the field.

“I feel I can draw a lot from my experience. There is no reason why I shouldn’t have more bowling captains in the future.”

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