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Pat Cummins feels safe after arriving Pakistan

Pat Cummins ruled out of Adelaide Test!

Pat Cummins ruled out of Adelaide Test!

CRICDOT DESK : After 24 years, the Australian team has gone to Pakistan to play the series. Today, Sunday, they set foot on Pakistani soil. Pakistan has not had an international match for almost a decade since 2009 due to militant harassment. Undoubtedly, persuading a picky team like Australia to tour is a diplomatic achievement for Pakistan.

Before leaving for the tour, AjiS had worries about security, but after leaving for Pakistan, everything was gone.
Cummins is pleased with Pakistan’s security arrangements for cricketers. “I feel incredibly safe and the Pakistan Cricket Board is taking good care of us,” he said. Huge security arrangements have been made for our arrival. We got off the plane and went straight to the hotel. The hotel also has good arrangements. We will stay at the hotel without matches and practice. We also visited countries like India and didn’t leave too many hotels. So that’s how we get used to it. ‘

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Satisfied with the safety, Australia’s Test captain Cummins now wants to focus on the game on the field. He added: “One of the things we really wanted to do before we got here was not only safety but also the bio-safety zone. Everyone has done a great job, so now we can just concentrate on cricket and enjoy our first tour in 24 years (here). Everything is pretty good and we are really lucky to have so many professionals around. ‘

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