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Papon still not convince to sack Domingo-Nannu


CRICDOT DESK : Russell Domingo, the selection panel and head coach of the Bangladesh national team, was severely criticized after failing in the T20 World Cup last year. There was widespread demand for a change in the selection committee headed by Minhazul Abedin Nannu. Cricket fans in particular turned out to see the departure of chief selectors Nannu and Domingo.

However, the country’s cricket governing body BCB did not follow that path. The term has expired, no new contract has been signed, yet the selectors have continued to work after receiving the green signal from the BCB. Like Habibul-Razzak, Domingo is also in power.

There is no sudden change in the selection panel. BCB president Nazmul Hasan Papon himself has confirmed the matter. He told reporters in Chittagong on Monday night that he could not find any reason to remove the selectors. No worries about change right now.

In the words of the board president, it is clear that Nannu-Habibuls are not being removed from the post of selector now. The selectors have started the process of forming a team for the tour of South Africa after the Afghanistan series. Two selectors, Habibul and Razzak, have already been granted South African visas. According to BCB sources on Tuesday (March 1), the term of the selectors is being extended till next December.

Asked about his thoughts on the selection panel in Chittagong, the BCB president said, “I am not thinking about anything. If you have any thoughts you can tell. You can tell me personally. Do you think the selection was not right in any one series? Give an example. ‘

The journalists highlighted the incident of young cricketers being thrown out of the team without playing again. The board president said not everyone is included in the team to play. Now selectors have to meet the needs of coaches, captains and team directors in team selection.

“The captain wants to have some players in the squad, the coach has some,” Papon said. Now there is Sujan again, he also has occasional desire. In some cases the team is taken only by the will of the captain, and in some cases by the will of the coach. I am not talking about what should be taken or not. Sometimes Sujan takes it. That means he will not play in the team. Some players are kept with the team to give it a taste of the national team. None of them will be in the XI. ‘

Selectors have to bear the brunt of criticism when cricketers fail. However, in the words of the BCB president, the role of Nannu-Habibuls in the party selection is very small now. Papun said, “There is no role for selectors except the first 25-26 people. The board will decide in this regard. If he finds such a person, he will do well, the board will not delay even a second to take him. We have not seen any wrongdoing in them so far.

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