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Papon clears Akram-Sujon collision in BCB

Akram Khan no longer wants to be the head of the cricket management department of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). The news was circulated in the media on Tuesday as well. Bangladesh’s ICC Champions Trophy winning captain said he was going to resign due to family reasons.

After that the instability does not subside but increases even more. Rumor has it that Akram is stepping down due to the appointment of another BCB director Khaled Mahmood Sujan as the team director.

Doubts arise, team director or head of cricket management, then who is the main responsibility now?

Speaking on the issue of Akram’s resignation, BCB president Nazmul Hasan Papon dispelled that suspicion.
Saf said that Akram and Sujan have different jobs. There is nothing conflicting here. One cannot be shortened for the other.

The BCB boss also explained why the post of ‘Team Director’ was created.
Papon said the post was created after the team collapsed in the T20 World Cup. He has always wanted to be closely associated with the Bangladesh team, but due to Corona’s restrictions, the team director will be with him as his representative.

“Akram is the head of the cricket management department,” Papun told reporters on Wednesday. But vice president Khaled Mahmud Sujan. Many may not know this. Usually I would stay with the team, or Sujan would stay. Sujan would have stayed without me. But when Sujan became too preoccupied with the age group and was given special responsibilities in the sports development department, he too could not go. When I couldn’t go we would send another director. ‘

The BCB president added, “Akram and Sujan’s positions are not in any way conflicting. You can say, I’m not going, someone is going in my place. That means staying one. When I’m here, everyone is there; But then it goes without anyone. Because I find out for myself what is happening or not. Now I don’t know, because there’s nobody there. That’s what we’ve done: We’re hiring someone there as a team director. What will be his role? The manager is another one there. If one has to pay, what will I give him? This is called the team director. His authority is too much. ‘

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