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Not Shakib, Rohit picks Ashwin as the best of all time


CRICDOT DESK : In an interview a few days ago, Rohit called Ravichandran Ashwin ‘the best of all time’. Ashwin said that after hearing this, he became ‘speechless’. After becoming a full-time captain, Rohit Sharma’s success does not seem to be stopping. India whitewashed Sri Lanka in the Tests after beating the West Indies in limited overs.

With this, they won the test of three pink balls drawn in the country. After winning the match on Monday, Rohit gave credit to everyone but praised Ashwin more. Regarding that comment made a few days ago, Rohit said, ‘That is my personal feeling. Whenever I give him the ball, he performs like winning a match. He still has many years left in the game. We have a very difficult game ahead of us. I hope he is in a very good place mentally. As a result, we can see Ashwin’s better performance in the coming days. ‘

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Hearing the compliment on Rohit’s face, Ashwin bowed his head and smiled. The India captain has spoken positively about the pink ball test. He also expressed satisfaction with the way the team is progressing. We didn’t know what a pink ball Test game was like in India. But now I am slowly learning to cope. This match has got a more special dimension as the spectators came. Apart from that, I am happy with the way the team is moving forward. As a team I wanted to achieve certain things. I got it. ‘

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