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Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)

No DRS review system this year in BPL!

DRS review system


CRICDOT DESK : BCB is organizing the first BPL in Corona. The tournament will be held on January 21 with some limitations during the new normal time. Decision Review System (DRS) is not in this tournament. Hawkeye is not able to provide the operator for managing DRS technology. Therefore, the decision of the field umpires in the eighth BPL match will be considered final. Even if the decision is wrong, the franchisees have to accept. It remains to be seen whether the franchises have the mentality to accept all the decisions of the field umpires.

In this age of technology, a tournament like BPL cannot be imagined without DRS. Cricketers are accustomed to taking advantage of reviews. In this way, the parties cannot bring charges of bias against the umpires. In the absence of DRS, franchisees may be accused of bias if a decision is not in favor. There is a fear of spoiling the normal environment of the field.

However, CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury said that maximum effort has been made by BCB to keep DRS in Bangabandhu BPL. He said, ‘Every effort has been made. It is also being looked at whether it can be operated remotely. The problem is, Hawkeye technicians can’t deliver. No one is willing to travel because of the current Corona situation.

Travel to India has been restricted due to the spread of a new type of coronavirus, Omicron. That is why Hawkeye is not able to recruit DRS operators even from neighboring countries. Apart from this, a large part of the operators are busy due to the international games of different countries. However, the BCB will try to keep the DRS technology in the end.

BCB’s international umpires also want to conduct matches with DRS. One umpire, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: “It is normal for an umpire to make a mistake and make a mistake. The umpires don’t want the team to suffer because of a wrong decision. My team has lost to this umpire so that the franchisees can’t even say. With DRS, batsmen or bowlers can also challenge. I think it would be better to have DRS in BPL. ‘

Without DRS technology, umpires need to pay more attention on the field. Even if there is no DRS, a TV umpire has to be appointed to ensure that the BCB observes certain incidents at the boundary or the field. TV umpires will basically act as assistants to field umpires.

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The BPL Governing Council will have to make big concessions in this year’s BPL without spectators. This is the first time in BPL that the national team game is without spectators. Because, BPLE during Kavid is the first. The seventh edition of the franchise A-T20 tournament was held in 2020. Regarding the absence of spectators, the BCB CEO said, “Since the situation is getting worse. In this situation, the government decided not to hold a public meeting. That is why the tournament has to be held without spectators in Biosciure Bubble. If the situation is good, the spectators will be able to come to the field and watch the game again.

Even if you can’t go to the field, the viewers will get a chance to enjoy the BPL game on TV.

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