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New Zealand to tour Pakistan Twice within 4 months to mitigate loss

The New Zealand cricket team canceled the tour just hours before the start of the match in September, citing security concerns. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was devastated by the decision of the Kiwis.

Pakistan could not explain much to the New Zealand team as the decision of the Kiwis was a big loss to the Pakistan Cricket Board. The England cricket team was scheduled to tour Pakistan after New Zealand.

England did not go on tour as New Zealand tour was canceled. After that, Babar Ajmara went to the United Arab Emirates to play in the World Cup and overcame that frustration and gave a great performance. Pakistan lost to Australia in the semi-final.

The New Zealand cricket team will tour Pakistan twice in four months next year.
According to the PCB, New Zealand will visit Pakistan in December 2022 to play two Tests and three ODIs. The Kiwis will then play five ODIs and five T20s in April 2023.

New Zealand Cricket Board chief executive David White said PCB chairman Ramiz Raja and New Zealand Cricket Board chief Martin Snyden had discussed the issue while in Dubai. Their discussion was constructive. Which will further strengthen the bond between the two boards.

He added that from March 2022 to April 2023, Pakistan Cricket Board will host matches against Australia, West Indies, England and New Zealand. Pakistan will play eight Tests, 14 ODIs and 13 T20I matches.

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